Real questions from members answered here.

Q: “Now that I am a member of the puertodansk society can I tell people I am a puerto rican dane with a straight face?”

A: Yes, you may. Any member of this society may refer to themselves as a Puerto Rican Dane, a Danesoriqueña, or a Puertovikingo. We are who we are.

Q: “Where can I get a t-shirt to declare my proud membership in the puertodansk society?”

A: There is some merchandise for sale in this online boutique.

Q: “I am not Danish-Puerto Rican. Can I join the society?”

A: Yes, you may. This is an all-inclusive, non-discriminatory friendship society. If you are friends with a Dane or a Puerto Rican you are welcome. If you fall under the category of “ethnically confused”, it’s even better. Join here.

Q: “How many natural-born Danish-Puerto Ricans are there?”

A: The exact figure is still unknown. But the goal of the society is to keep track. So far, six Puerto-Daneses have been identified around the world.

Q: I wonder if I am the only queer member of the Danish-Puerto-Rican Society?

A: The answer is no. You are not. But you may be the only one with a moustache.

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